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Rhubarb Soufflé with Rhubarb crisps


Rhubarb Soufflé with rhubarb crisp

Rhubarb Soufflé with rhubarb crisp

This pink and delicate soufflé belies the flavour punch given by the  reduced fruit puree.  Fantastic for entertaining not only because your guests will be seriously impressed ,but  because  they can be prepared up to  the cooking stage a few hours in advance without impacting their ability to rise.  You cam make your hard work look completely effortless! This same recipe can be used for any summer fruits.
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Rhubarb and Black Pepper Ice Cream


A scoop of rhubarb and black pepper ice cream

Rhubarb and Black pepper Ice cream.

This was something of an experiment. If black pepper marries with strawberries and caramel and such like then why not with rhubarb which also has an inherent sweetness hidden behind its natural sourness. The quantity of black pepper looks a little alarming but it works like magic, deepening and extending the full flavour of the rhubarb.  The actual colour of the ice cream was an unappealing greenish pink but the addition of a small quantity of powdered pink food colouring or cochineal brings the whole effect to life. Continue reading

Rhubarb, Apple and Blood Orange Eves Pudding with polenta sponge and served with a blood orange sylabub

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Eves Pudding  – soft fruit topped with a sponge cake is a timeless classic. Eves Pudding lends itself to endless variations;  Autumn, apples, pears and plums; early spring rhubarb, and in the summer soft fruits such as strawberries, apricots and peaches. The sponge too can vary from the classic butter  or diary free oil based sponge by adding ground or chopped nuts or your choice,  or as in this recipe coarse polenta  which adds a beautiful buttery yellow colour as well as an interesting texture. Or flavour the sponge with chocolate, ground ginger or ground spices such as cardamom – the variations are endless to suit the fruit and your mood.

I have tested several rhubarb eves puddings this year and this one wins hands down. The Rhubarb and apples marry beautifully and the buttery orange flavoured polenta topping is delicious. The colours shout spring – pale pink rhubarb and the orange polenta  is egg yolk yellow. This is definitely my choice of pudding for this years early Easter, with a chill still in the air, but spring on the point of uncontrollably bursting forth its creative energy. I have given you the smaller 1 litre dish quantity and a larger quantity in case you have family and friends in over the holiday.

*means watch the recipe as you are required to set something aside for another part of the dish.

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Apple, Rhubarb and Blood orange Eves Pudding with a Polenta Sponge, served with a blood orange syllabub cream

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