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F is for Fudge


Fudge Recipe from My Fun To Cook Book. Ursula Sedgwick and Martin Mayhew 1996.

Today is definitely a fudge day, sweet comforting deliciousness to be eaten on those days when you feel like crying and retreating from the world for a while.   A combination of sugar, butter and gently caramelizing milk, cooked to an exact setting point judged by the boiling time and the type of bubble, cooled slightly and then beaten to perfection. But the really important point about fudge for ‘Fudge Days’, is that its making  requires both concentration and action; gentle action, meditative watching and then vigorous action. Meditation calms your thinking and action aids recovery. And when  later you are curled up on the sofa with a good book and a plate  of freshly made fudge, or you are sharing it with friends and a cup of tea, all will seem better with the world. Continue reading