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With a Pinch of Imagination: Why a 1980’s cook book remains an endearing favourite.

Good Food From Farthinghoe - available on-line

Good Food from Farthinghoe by Nicola Cox. Published by Victor Gollancz Ltd 1981

Good Food From Farthinghoe by Nicola Cox. Published in 1981 by Victor Gollancz Ltd, London.


Cookery books, like people, come in myriad shapes and sizes, colours, languages and nationalities. As a consummate collector I have amassed over 500. Amongst this pottage or feast of books – either could be a collective noun for such an assortment – there are tall thin books leaning at angles for support, tiny to the point compendiums, learned leathery tomes alongside glossy, eat me now fashionistas.

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