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Chicken in a Cheese and Sherry Sauce

Chicken in a Cheese and Sherry Sauce

Tender poached Chicken baked in a flavoursome Cheese and Sherry Sauce


This recipe is a firm family favourite. A splash of dry sherry in a good and cheesy roux sauce covering tender pieces of poached chicken. The gratin is finished with a crunchy topping of golden melted cheese  and  fresh bread or panko crumbs. It is a dish which  lends itself to being made in quantity for entertaining, particularly for casual buffet parties. It  also freezes brilliantly.  

The dish works best if you poach the chicken using the instructions below. The advantage is that you get lovely fresh chicken stock to use as a base for delicious fresh soups, or you can freeze it for later use in soups and sauces. I like to have a range of 250ml and 500ml batches of homemade chicken stock in the freezer.   However, if time is short, or you aren’t overly confident about poaching a chicken, you will be happy to hear that this recipe  can also be made with  bought ready cooked chicken or pieces.   Prepare the ready cooked chicken as instructed and then simply make the cheese and sherry sauce using a propriety chicken stock.    Continue reading