Rhubarb Soufflé with Rhubarb crisps


Rhubarb Soufflé with rhubarb crisp

Rhubarb Soufflé with rhubarb crisp

This pink and delicate soufflé belies the flavour punch given by the  reduced fruit puree.  Fantastic for entertaining not only because your guests will be seriously impressed ,but  because  they can be prepared up to  the cooking stage a few hours in advance without impacting their ability to rise.  You cam make your hard work look completely effortless! This same recipe can be used for any summer fruits.
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Linguini with cockles or clams in a lemon butter sauce

Cockles with samphire.

Cockles or Clams? ‘One can definitely say that cockles are clams, but one cannot say that clams are cockles’.


Cockles or Clams?‘One can definitely say that cockles are clams, but one cannot say that clams are cockles’.  http://www.diferencebetween.com

Clam is a broad, general term for small edible bivalves.   But whilst cockles are clams they are a distinct species in the family Cardiidae.  Cockles have rounded shells with radiating ribs. They are found in sandy sheltered beaches throughout the world, living and feeding in shallow waters and burying themselves in the sand while the tide is out. The traditional harvesting technique involves raking  through the sand to dig them up. Continue reading

Rhubarb Rhubarb and Orange scented Frangipani Puff Tart


Rhubarb and Orange Scented Frangipani Puff Tart

Rhubarb and Orange Scented Frangipani Puff Tart

I love frangipani, it is one of those concoctions that lends itself to different seasons, fruits and flavours. A classic frangipani is simply flavoured with vanilla essence and a touch of brandy or kirsch,   here we add a hint of the exotic with fresh orange juice and orange blossom water, both of which couple beautifully with the rhubarb. Puff tarts are incredibly easy to prepare,  but if you wanted something a bit more delicate then do make a short crust pastry, line an oblong or square baking tin and fill it with the almond and rhubarb as we do here. The joy of frangipani tarts is that more often than not there is no baking blind, so no worry that your beautiful shell is going to shrink away to nothing before you have got as far as filling it!   Continue reading

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