Beat the Blues, Make Marmalade

seville orange marmalade, oxford marmalade

Seville Orange Marmalade

“I got the blues thinking of the future, so I left off and made some marmalade. It’s amazing how it cheers one up to shred orange and scrub the floor.”
Author: D.H. Lawrence

The  marmalade that I set out for breakfast for house guests this  morning  had them in raptures and  was voted the best they had ever eaten!      In my household we like a gutsy, full flavoured marmalade with proper chunks. Its not a marmalade for the faint hearted … indeed, guests caught  picking out the  chunks and leaving them to  languish on the side of their plates – well – they don’t get asked again – not for breakfast at any rate !  Continue reading

Shine your Light in 2017 with Stirring Stuff’s New Year’s resolution ideas and recipe for success.

Happy New Year 2017.Peaceful New Year

Wishing the World a Peaceful and Happy 2017


Do you want your resolution to be a bit different and special this New Year? Here are six food and cooking related ideas for you to think about. Over the coming weeks, I will pick up on each theme  more fully, but in the meantime follow the links to start your information gathering. Don’t procrastinate for too long – just pick one and get going with it.

I know – keeping up that resolution is the problem. If you have relented by Lent, then pick yourself up and start again. And, as luck would have it, January 1st isn’t the only new beginning.  New Year has been celebrated variously between March and January throughout European history. Other countries, cultures and religions hold New Beginning celebrations in different months. The Recipe for Success is to use these as opportunities to regroup and recommit.   Happy 2017! Continue reading

Part 2 of Christmas Gifts from Stirring Stuff: Two Elegant Preserves.

Vanilla Spiced Apricots with bay and pickling spice

Vanilla Spiced Apricots

This  week, adding to your repertoire of Edible Gifts for Christmas, we have two  easy to make and exceptionally beautiful Christmas preserves, Cranberry and Orange Relish and  Vanilla Spiced Apricots. The  vibrant colours of the Cranberry and Orange Relish with a hint of rosemary will definitely put you in the Christmas cooking mood. While the Spiced Apricots, warmly fragrant with vanilla and bay and pepped  with a touch of chilli will have you longing for the day when you can open the jar and serve them up,they happen to go exceptionally well with the chicken liver parfait posting in a few weeks. Continue reading