Wild about Wild Garlic

snail on wild garlic

You are not the only one who loves Wild Garlic!

If you go down to the woods today…….. you may be lucky enough to hap across an oasis of pretty green and white foliage. Wild garlic or Ransoms, to give you their official name, grow in dappled shaded woodland areas. A member of the Allium family the wild garlic leaf is broad, tender and vibrantly green. The flower, which is also edible, is a cluster of pretty star shaped white petals.  An olfactory identification (they smell strongly of garlic) will alert you to their presence often long before you see them.  The season for  Wild garlic begins in early spring and often you will find them interspersed with wild bluebells. If we have warm weather they can arrive as early as March and they are good until mid May when the odour gets a bit strong and the leaves lose their tenderness. Continue reading

Turn the temperature up with winter warming soups.

Mulligatawny with Peshwari Naan

Turn the temperature up with this smooth and gorgeous Mulligatawny

When its cold outside is there anything more comforting than a big bowl of warming, nourishing soup?  Here are two very different vegetable based soups, a chunky Carrot and Chickpea soup that couldn’t be more simple to make and a versatile Mulligatawny. Both are meals in themselves and have the added advantage of being suitable for vegetarians and vegans, as well as being gluten free and adaptable for lactose intolerance.  Both  soups use herbs and  spices with natural health benefits helping to build defences against winter ‘bugs’. Continue reading

Eat your hat -Stuffed Portobello mushrooms

Portobello mushrooms stuffed with parsnip puree, topped with golden, garlic and thyme crumbs.

Stuffed mushroom with parsnip puree and garlic bread crumbs

Cup Mushroom stuffed with sweet parsnip puree and topped with crisp garlic and thyme crumbs.


In Northern Italy the Portobello mushroom it is known as  ‘Cappellone’ or ‘big hat’. The large meaty cup shaped mushroom lends itself to being filled with all manner of delicious stuffing’s. They make meals in themselves  and delicious accompaniments to main course meals.  Here I have filled them with a smooth parsnip puree scented with bay ,and topped them with crisp garlic and thyme flavoured breadcrumbs. 

This is a great entertaining recipe as they can be prepared in advance up to the cooking stage, covered and stored in fridge for 24 hours before you need them. This dish is a fabulous vegetarian option and you could make it  vegan by omitting the milk and cooking the parsnips in a light vegetable stock.  Continue reading

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