Smoked Fish and Shellfish Pie

This tasty dish got the thumbs up from the resident tasters yesterday. No pici I’m afraid as the spoons were out before I had a chance to reach for the camera!

Quick and easy, and a choice of  topping making it versatile too. You might also like the no- topping version (instructions at the bottom of the Page)  which could be served with these delicious New Potatoes Baked in an Orange Scented Salt Crust with Mint and Rosemary.

Stay Safe Stay Well.

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Thyme and Pepper Crackers


Once a week our intrepid designated-shopper ventures out, suitably gloved (trendy blue rubber), protectively scarfed, and armed with a very long list.

I haven’t been supermarket shopping for a month. Not since my trip to prepare for my homecoming brood. I returned that afternoon ashen and visibly shaken. Quite traumatised, in-fact, by the row-after-row of empty shelves that had accosted  me. The long-and-the-short is that my ‘captive tasters’, aka the brood, have banned me from shopping and chained me to the cooker! Don’t worry it’s the best place for me. Continue reading


Easter, like Christmas, is a time for sharing with family and friends.  A time when small gifts of appreciation, for friendship, community, love and family, can be exchanged.  This year, with social distancing measures, due to Covid19, finding many of us isolating away from friends and family, we will simply have to get creative.  If you cant share the homemade product itself then share Stirring Stuffs Easter gift recipes  by sending-on the link for this page. Set up an on-line get-together, in whatever format works best for you all, Everyone gets to cook and you all get to enjoy the sharing with a celebratory  Easter drink.

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