Thai and Far East

Love at First Bite: memories of an inspiring trip to Myanmar

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I arrived in Yangon, Myanmar for the second time in over a week, in late February, just as the weather was shifting from bearable to intolerably hot. I was there to accompany the team from Addenbrooke’s Abroad who work with local health care providers to support and improve care in Trauma care in Yangon General Hospital. I had won the week at an auction at The Addenbrooke’s Centenary Dinner in September last year, and as an Addenbrooke’s trained Nurse in a past life I was tremendously excited about the week ahead. The previous I had spent traveling on the usual tourist trails in the South of the – country – it truly is a beautiful and interesting place and I feel hugely saddened by current events. Continue reading

Treat yourself and ‘take the ginger’.

Ginger Tea ae with fresh ginger

Keep the cold at bay with a warming cup of fresh ginger.


‘All that’s good is found in Ginger’, according to an old Indian Proverb, and this is especially true  during autumn and winter ‘cold and flue season’. Ginger claims a myriad of healing benefits one of which is its  anti viral  properties.   It is also revered for its  anti inflammatory ‘gingerols, which reputedly help to  sooth stiff and sore joints. Ginger gently warms and calms, yet is at the same time energising.  These two simple hot ginger infusions  are perfect winter warmers. The first, Thai Ginger Tea, is gentle and calming, the second, ‘Ginger Coffee’, is  punchy and invigorating.  Both are easy to prepare, and you can make enough to last the entire day. Continue reading