A Very Versatile Sauce – Saffron Orange Sauce

Seared scallops, orange sauce and steamed samphire.

Seared scallops served with an orange sauce and steamed samphire.


This simple reduction sauce is naturally bursting with flavour and with colour. It is easy to make and is extremely effective and versatile.  The recipes below outline how to serve this delicious sauce with  seared Scallops and with Asparagus. I also outline further ideas for its use at the bottom of the page.

The sauce is best made at least a few hours  before it is needed to allow the saffron to impart its full flavour and colour. It could also be made the day before and stored in the fridge. Reheating instructions are provided. Continue reading

New Potatoes Baked in an Orange Scented Salt Crust with Mint and Rosemary

Baked new Potatoes in an orange scented salt dough crust with mint and rosemary.

Baked new Potatoes in an orange scented salt dough crust with mint and rosemary.

At the End of April 2016 I attended the first Scottish Symposium of Food in Edinburgh, ‘Scotland’s Foodscape’.  I had two brilliant and vibrant days discussing food, farming, the ecology of land and sea as well as the more thorny political issues that surround food and its production at both a local and global level. I met like-minded and passionate people and came away energised and inspired. The plea of the Symposium leaders was that we use our energy and knowledge to go out there and do… in whatever way that means for us. My way is to cook; to be inspired by the food, the produce and the producers that I hap across and work with, and to pass the skills and recipes on in a ‘doable’ format for you.

The inspiration for these scrumptious potatoes came from the Symposium dinner. We were treated to a feast of all things Scottish cooked by the fabulous catering company Appetite Direct, http://www.appetitedirect.com/.  On the menu was a tender casserole of local hogget, wild garlic dumplings and the tastiest potatoes that I have every encountered. Salted to perfection, the texture soft yet waxy and the flavour encapsulating everything that a potato should be. Importantly, these qualities all combined to ensure that these potatoes were best eaten with no further adornment. No butter, no olive oil, no ‘any other’ sauce needed. These potatoes had been baked in a salt crust with mint and rosemary. Continue reading

Rhubarb Soufflé with Rhubarb crisps


Rhubarb Soufflé with rhubarb crisp

Rhubarb Soufflé with rhubarb crisp

This pink and delicate soufflé belies the flavour punch given by the  reduced fruit puree.  Fantastic for entertaining not only because your guests will be seriously impressed ,but  because  they can be prepared up to  the cooking stage a few hours in advance without impacting their ability to rise.  You cam make your hard work look completely effortless! This same recipe can be used for any summer fruits.
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