Preserves and Drinks

Beat the Blues, Make Marmalade

seville orange marmalade, oxford marmalade

Seville Orange Marmalade

“I got the blues thinking of the future, so I left off and made some marmalade. It’s amazing how it cheers one up to shred orange and scrub the floor.”
Author: D.H. Lawrence

The  marmalade that I set out for breakfast for house guests this  morning  had them in raptures and  was voted the best they had ever eaten!      In my household we like a gutsy, full flavoured marmalade with proper chunks. Its not a marmalade for the faint hearted … indeed, guests caught  picking out the  chunks and leaving them to  languish on the side of their plates – well – they don’t get asked again – not for breakfast at any rate !  Continue reading

Part 2 of Christmas Gifts from Stirring Stuff: Two Elegant Preserves.

Vanilla Spiced Apricots with bay and pickling spice

Vanilla Spiced Apricots

This  week, adding to your repertoire of Edible Gifts for Christmas, we have two  easy to make and exceptionally beautiful Christmas preserves, Cranberry and Orange Relish and  Vanilla Spiced Apricots. The  vibrant colours of the Cranberry and Orange Relish with a hint of rosemary will definitely put you in the Christmas cooking mood. While the Spiced Apricots, warmly fragrant with vanilla and bay and pepped  with a touch of chilli will have you longing for the day when you can open the jar and serve them up,they happen to go exceptionally well with the chicken liver parfait posting in a few weeks. Continue reading

Treat yourself and ‘take the ginger’.

Ginger Tea ae with fresh ginger

Keep the cold at bay with a warming cup of fresh ginger.


‘All that’s good is found in Ginger’, according to an old Indian Proverb, and this is especially true  during autumn and winter ‘cold and flue season’. Ginger claims a myriad of healing benefits one of which is its  anti viral  properties.   It is also revered for its  anti inflammatory ‘gingerols, which reputedly help to  sooth stiff and sore joints. Ginger gently warms and calms, yet is at the same time energising.  These two simple hot ginger infusions  are perfect winter warmers. The first, Thai Ginger Tea, is gentle and calming, the second, ‘Ginger Coffee’, is  punchy and invigorating.  Both are easy to prepare, and you can make enough to last the entire day. Continue reading