Pork and Ham

Pork Fillet in a Creamy lemon and Thyme Sauce

Pork Fillet with Lemon and Thyme

   This week I have been proudly using our very first harvest of home grown lemons. Their dark yellow skins are a joy, the colour of spring and the promise of sunshine. Scratch the skin and the aroma is huge, reminiscent of  eating lemon sherbet on a hot summers day, or walking among trees bearing beautiful ripe fruits in the groves of Sicily. These large lemons are also filled with a good quantity of delicious juice. What a treat, and well done to ‘The Hubby’, and gardener Anna for looking after them so well this year. 

I have also been busy this week and so our family suppers have needed to be quick and easy. Either ten minutes to prepare before cooking slowly, or up front fast and easy. Lean, mild, tender and delicious, pork fillet fits the bill nicely.  They need no more than 15 minutes cooking time in total (for the weights indicated in the recipe), and five minutes resting time, while you finish off ,or dish up your veg, mash and sauce accompaniments. Continue reading

Pot Roast Pork in lemon scented Milk


Leg of pork boned and rolled and ready to pot roast with milk, lemon fennel and bay

This slow cook dish is perfect for summer cooking. The flavour of the lemon  is deepened and complimented by the addition of fennel seeds. Bay leaves, one of my all time favourite herbs, add a balance and warmth to the caramel flavours of the cooked milk. At the end of cooking the meat is succulent and the skin soft a lightly browned. The milk should be curdled but the sauce thick enough to spoon.   Continue reading

Pork Shanks braised in a tomato basil sauce with chorizo and canelli beans.

A summery Casserole of pork shanks braised in a tomato basil sauce with chorizo and cannelli beans.

Summery Casserole of pork shanks braised in a tomato basil sauce with chorizo and cannelli beans.

Melt in the mouth tender pork shanks cooked slowly in a rich tomato and basil sauce. The addition of the canellini beans makes this a simple one pot meal that you could serve with a crisp baby gem salad. Mop up the juices with fresh crusty bread or try Stirring Stuff’s salt crust new potatoes New Potatoes Baked in an Orange Scented Salt Crust with Mint and Rosemary Continue reading