Wild Garlic

A happy find on our Sunday sunny afternoon walk this last weekend.  A small reminder that whilst life as we know it is very different, at the moment, for many of us, to the one we were leading only a few weeks ago, the world still turns and nature is still beavering away, quietly (or not so quietly if you have stopped to listen to the excited chatter of nest building birds recently), doing what it does.

patch of wild garlic

Wild Garlic


Below are some links to last years Wild Garlic recipes.  The cheesy garlic pull-bread is a real showstopper. Serve it warm, oozing with butter and cheese, very simply with a fresh mixed salad, with a fresh minestrone, or other favourite, soup.

Stay Safe Stay Well

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Linguini with cockles or clams in a lemon butter sauce

Cockles with samphire.

Cockles or Clams? ‘One can definitely say that cockles are clams, but one cannot say that clams are cockles’.


Cockles or Clams?‘One can definitely say that cockles are clams, but one cannot say that clams are cockles’.

Clam is a broad, general term for small edible bivalves.   But whilst cockles are clams they are a distinct species in the family Cardiidae.  Cockles have rounded shells with radiating ribs. They are found in sandy sheltered beaches throughout the world, living and feeding in shallow waters and burying themselves in the sand while the tide is out. The traditional harvesting technique involves raking  through the sand to dig them up. Continue reading

Fresh Basil Pesto


pesto 2 012

Fresh Basil Pesto

I have just updated my cover photo on Facebook to be a bit more seasonal and I thought I had better share the recipe with you.  This is a delicious pesto. I use it to pep up minestrone soup, to top roasted pepper bruschetta, and our family favourite is to crush hot boiled new potatoes with 1 tablespoon of butter and 2 tablespoons of pesto.   Continue reading