Beetroot and sun-blush tomato salad


Beetroot and sun-blush tomato salad with toasted walnuts and La Tur

A vibrant combination of colour, flavour and texture, this beautiful salad makes a delightful addition to a summer meal or picnic. I make it with my favourite cheese – La Tur, a delicate tasting creamy cheese produced in Northern Italy from a blend of cow, sheep and goats milk. . However you can use any creamy mild tasting goats cheese. Alternatively,  for a more robust flavour or to make the salad into a meal in itself use a more piquant blue cheese such as Roquefort. Continue reading

Cherries poached in a tonka bean syrup.


Tonka Beans

Tonka Bean can be used instead of vanilla pod. Its flavour is warm and complex adding a darker note than vanilla.

 I was first introduce to Tonka beans by Orlando Murrin who gave a talk and demonstration at Stirring Stuff as part of the Henley Literary Festival . Promoting his fabulous book  about living his dream in rural France.

 ‘A Table in the Tarn: Living, Eating and Cooking in Rural France’,  Orlando Murrin and  Johnathan Buckley (photographer).    March 1st 2009 by Stewart, Tabori & Chang (first published April 7th 2008)

 Our role for these events was to buy and prepare ingredients for the author demonstrators and then to assist them during their demonstrations.  We duly received author recipes a couple of weeks before the event  –  Orlando’s list of ingredients for his demonstration of ‘Forgotten Cookies’, sent us into something of a tail spin – what on earth is a Tonka bean and where in the UK can they be found?  Preliminary research suggested that these beans might even be poisonous and a banned substance – a bit risqué for our small cookery rural cookery school!  Continue reading

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