Indian Cuisine

Chicken and Salmon Tikka served with crouton salad and green mayo

When the cookery school began back in 2005 a number  of local gents formed a cooking club that met once a month in the Stirring Stuff Kitchen. They called themselves The Big Boys Cooking Club or the BBCC for short. Every month they would suggest a skill or a particular dish that they would like to try and My job was to plan a menu and  lesson around their idea. Each evening would culminate in a very late dinner of the dishes that we cooked, washed down with excellent company, vital conversation, friendly banter and good wine.  The following Tikka was on the menu from the evening that Cyrus Todiwala was invited to teach us more about using spices in Indian cuisine.   Cyrus very generously allowed me to use the recipes that he cooked for us on that evening as the basis for my Curry Club Indian Cook and Dine events at the school. The Curry Club Cook and Dine days and evenings were amongst the most popular course at the School so Thank you Cyrus for helping us on our way.  I hope you caught his talk this summer at  If you haven’t eaten at any of Cyrus restaurant’s then make time to go Failing that then invest in one of his cookery Books, his knowledge of Spices in Indian cuisine is next to none. Continue reading

Whole grain basmati pilav with cashewnuts and apricot

Beetroot Curry served with whole grain pilaf and coconut lime chutney

Beetroot Curry served with whole grain pilaf and coconut lime chutney

 A tasty and nutritious alternative to simple boiled rice. The nuts adding protein to vegetarian curry accompaniments and the sweetness of the apricot helping to mellow the heat of chilli.  The secret to fluffy rice with separate grains is it not a rice cooker but a tea towel !- It works every time. Continue reading