Pissaladiere and Thyme

Oven Ready Pissaladière


Pissaladière is a ‘pizza’ originating in Niece. The base is traditionally made with a bread dough however for ease and time it can also be made with a good quality all butter puff pastry.

A delicious combination of sweet caramelised onions and salted  fish on top of a crisp base of buttery pastry. This dish can be served piping hot directly from the oven, warm or cold.  The combination of salt and the lightness of the dish makes it perfect for summer dining – serve with a simple salad and a glass of cool larger or wine. Beetroot and sun-blush tomato salad

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Caramel Semifreddo



Caramel Semifredo served with cherries poached in a Tonka bean syrup.


This caramel flavoured semifreddo with just a hint of salt is guaranteed to impress.

Semifreddo  is more a  frozen mousse than an ice cream. Made from whisked eggs, cream and sugar the high fat content gives the dessert a warm and velvety finish.  It doesn’t have great keeping qualities though so make it and eat it in the same week otherwise it takes on  a slightly chewy texture.  Semifreddo also melts quite fast so don’t get it out of the freezer to early. I make mine in a bread tin so that I can slice it,  but you could also freeze it in a container and serve it scooped like ice-cream. 
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Linguini with cockles or clams in a lemon butter sauce

Cockles with samphire.

Cockles or Clams? ‘One can definitely say that cockles are clams, but one cannot say that clams are cockles’.


Cockles or Clams?‘One can definitely say that cockles are clams, but one cannot say that clams are cockles’.

Clam is a broad, general term for small edible bivalves.   But whilst cockles are clams they are a distinct species in the family Cardiidae.  Cockles have rounded shells with radiating ribs. They are found in sandy sheltered beaches throughout the world, living and feeding in shallow waters and burying themselves in the sand while the tide is out. The traditional harvesting technique involves raking  through the sand to dig them up. Continue reading