Free Spirit – The Shift to a No-Alcohol ‘Cool’.

Ringing in the weekend

It’s great to be included in the no-alcohol ‘Cool’.

Sip your tipple and you will sense it evolve, elaborate and linger as the liquid moves from lip to tongue to palate, warming and mellowing. The cool sharpness of chilled white wine, the ripened solace of red, or the reassuring vapours of a whisky or brandy, quickly afford a sense of pleasurable wellbeing.   I jumped on-the-wagon six years ago and like many a convert immediately, and zealously, developed a righteous aversion to the stuff. I didn’t miss the side effects but there were previously unnoticed aspects that I did. Continue reading

Free Spirit: tips to support your Dry January intentions … and beyond.



Make yourself something beautiful

Picking up on last weeks ideas for New Years resolutions , I thought those of you who have taken the plunge into a Dry January  might be in need of some ideas if not support. It probably seemed like a good idea on January 1st, but a week in, and maybe your resolution to go dry for the month is slipping.  As part of Stirring Stuff’s Recipe for success I have gathered  information , supportive tips, and ideas for drinks to encourage you in your very worthwhile endeavour.

And, you will be gladdened to hear I hope, that going dry has never been easier or tastier. One exciting by product of the new wave artisan distilling boom is an ever increasing choice of  classy non alcoholic spirit mixers.  Try these for size, Thomas and Evans, Seedlipdrinks, both make interesting distilled herbal mixers for adult pallates.

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