Cheese and Milk

Christmas Breakfast in a Pot: Flavoursome home-made yoghurt topped with lashings of fresh fruit.




I love Christmas morning breakfast, the warm glow of this special day already ignited with the traditional opening of presents from Santa. This used to happen at about 5am with wide awake youngsters who simply couldn’t contain their excitement a moment longer, and two bleary eyed parents – who secretly couldn’t contain theirs either!  These days its a bit more civilized time wise, but I confess that I miss that cosy family moment – everyone piled into the same warm bed taking it in turns to rip the paper off  Santa’s carelessly wrapped gifts (he has a lot to do so all is forgiven).

Fires lit and Christmas music on we assemble at a reasonable hour to enjoy the first festive meal of the day. Smoked Salmon  with perfectly executed scrambled eggs are a favourite as  is home made yoghurt served with a fresh and exotic fruit salad, warm cinnamon buns and plenty of fresh juice and coffee.

Below I take you through the yoghurt making process using my highly sophisticated yoghurt maker (a box and a blanket), and give you two delicious ideas for fruit salads.  If you prefer cooked fruit then apple, pear and apricot purees work just as well and you could finish these off with a sprinkling of granola. Continue reading