Decorative Dyed Easter Eggs

A friend shared this link on facebook  https://www.facebook.com/Handy-1509892729319494/ and I thought it was such a good idea that I gave it a go.


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Flower and herb patterned eggs dyed with onion skins, turmeric, red cabbage and beetroot.

You will need:

Fresh Eggs

Herbs, leaves and flowers – I used primroses, dill, cardoon leaves and olive leaves.

stockings or tights and a pair of scissors

4 onions, skins only and 1 tablespoon turmeric powder

4-6 red cabbage leaves and 1 beetroot, chopped

2 pans with lids

For instructions look at the link from Handy’s https://www.facebook.com/Handy-1509892729319494/



Place the flowers, herbs and leaves on the eggs and tightly wrap in the cut stocking. Bury the eggs in the vegetable leaves, cover with water and boil for ten minutes. Remove the pan from the heat and leave in a cool place for 12 hours before removing and unwrapping the eggs.

Hot Cross Bun Bread & Butter Pudding

Easter Hot Puddings

Seduced by the ‘buy one get one free’ packs at the checkout counter I found myself with a pack of rapidly staling hot cross buns. This simple and utterly delicious recipe was created as a way to use them up.


Hot Cross Bun Bread and Butter Pudding. milk and cream infused with lemon zest, bay leaves and grated nutmeg

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