Chicken in a sherry vinegar and rosemary sauce.

Chicken cooked in sherry and sherry vinegar

Chicken cooked in a rich sauce of sherry, sherry vinegar and rosemary.

The Sherry and sherry vinegar used in this recipe add a warm complex slightly piquant flavour. Use a good Manzanilla dry aged sherry, or a Tio Pepe, and the best sherry vinegar that you can find. The addition of Rosemary adds depth and a wintery note to the dish.

Like many casseroles it is best made in advance to allow the sherry vinegar to mellow and the complex flavours to develop. Instructions are given in full below. Continue reading

Eat your hat -Stuffed Portobello mushrooms

Portobello mushrooms stuffed with parsnip puree, topped with golden, garlic and thyme crumbs.

Stuffed mushroom with parsnip puree and garlic bread crumbs

Cup Mushroom stuffed with sweet parsnip puree and topped with crisp garlic and thyme crumbs.


In Northern Italy the Portobello mushroom it is known as  ‘Cappellone’ or ‘big hat’. The large meaty cup shaped mushroom lends itself to being filled with all manner of delicious stuffing’s. They make meals in themselves  and delicious accompaniments to main course meals.  Here I have filled them with a smooth parsnip puree scented with bay ,and topped them with crisp garlic and thyme flavoured breadcrumbs. 

This is a great entertaining recipe as they can be prepared in advance up to the cooking stage, covered and stored in fridge for 24 hours before you need them. This dish is a fabulous vegetarian option and you could make it  vegan by omitting the milk and cooking the parsnips in a light vegetable stock.  Continue reading

Chicory, orange and watercress salad with a toasted walnut pesto


Chicory, ornage and walnut salad with walnut pesto

A deliciously fresh, vibrant and healthy autumn salad

This salad packs a healthy punch helping to ward off  winter bugs and colds. Chicory  and watercress  are packed full of vital vitamins and minerals and oranges and parsley are brimming with vitamin c . The pesto contains antiviral garlic, and walnuts which are  a superfood in their own right.  Continue reading