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Easter, like Christmas, is a time for sharing with family and friends.  A time when small gifts of appreciation, for friendship, community, love and family, can be exchanged.  This year, with social distancing measures, due to Covid19, finding many of us isolating away from friends and family, we will simply have to get creative.  If you cant share the homemade product itself then share Stirring Stuffs Easter gift recipes  by sending-on the link for this page. Set up an on-line get-together, in whatever format works best for you all, Everyone gets to cook and you all get to enjoy the sharing with a celebratory  Easter drink.

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Wild Garlic

A happy find on our Sunday sunny afternoon walk this last weekend.  A small reminder that whilst life as we know it is very different, at the moment, for many of us, to the one we were leading only a few weeks ago, the world still turns and nature is still beavering away, quietly (or not so quietly if you have stopped to listen to the excited chatter of nest building birds recently), doing what it does.

patch of wild garlic

Wild Garlic


Below are some links to last years Wild Garlic recipes.  The cheesy garlic pull-bread is a real showstopper. Serve it warm, oozing with butter and cheese, very simply with a fresh mixed salad, with a fresh minestrone, or other favourite, soup.

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An Old Favourite

‘Old things are better than new things because they have memories attached’

Do any of you remember this recipe from Stirring Stuff Cookery School days?  I lose count of the number of times we taught youngsters how to weigh , mix and stir these ingredients in our children’s classes and parties. Happy chatter, flour everywhere, and the excited anticipation, as they rolled and then finished the cooking pizza bases with their  favourite toppings.    So easy to make and always a firm favourite. It still is –  judging by the time it took my captive tasters here to demolish an extra large pizza piled high with feta, tuna and olives!  The perfect accompaniment to a family  ‘at-home’ film evening.

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