Welcome to Stirring Stuff. I am Belinda and  very simply I love to cook and I love teaching other people to cook.  I find the act of cooking to be creative and generous, offering something of myself to those being fed.

I am using the pages in this site  for a number of purposes that I hope you will enjoy and engage with. Firstly I want to  create an anthology of the teaching and recipes from Stirring Stuff, the Henley Cookery school. I closed the doors on the school in 2014 but I hope that by posting here the recipes and teaching method might reach a wider audience.

My first book At Home in Cumbria has just been published. To read more about the book click here. To buy a copy of the book click this link.

Cookery skills seem no longer to be a right of passage from one generation to the next, they have been hijacked by chefs and made into something complicated –  over the years that I taught beginners through the Men in the Kitchen and Kitchen Confidence classes I have developed a very simple way to help people to understand how the skills of cooking build,to get you quickly confident in the Kitchen. The Kitchen Skills and Tips pages will fill over time with videos and recipes of the my twelve step programme for you to cook with confidence.

Since closing the Cookery School  I have had time for creating more recipes that I want to  share. I have also become involved in a Farm on the West Coast of Scotland and have developed an interest in the Scottish food Heritage and the current movement to reignite that. The Stirring Stuff travels page will become the platform to share this journey with you.

I like to cook with seasonal ingredients and to support local shops, producers and farmers where possible. However  I also love to cook world cuisines and the ingredients page will fill up with information on what some of these ‘exotic’ ingredients are and where to source them from.

Happy cooking





  1. Jim Aldridge says:

    Also sorry to hear you closed the school. I very much enjoyed the sessions. I am looking for a carvery/butchery day course for my son in law. Any suggestions please, he lives near Guildford?


    • Belinda says:

      Thanks Fran, Yes I miss the school too and I am very much hoping that this site will fill the gap. I am planning on posting the favourite recipes from the cookery school courses as well as my ongoing ideas as they arise. There will be some teaching videos too once I have plucked up the courage to stand in front of a camera! Do let me know if there are any recipes or foods that you want to know more about and I will see what I can do. Best Wishes, Belinda


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