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Easter Peace Cake

I was inspired to make this cake as a statement of intent for Peace after the bombings in Brussels on March 22nd 2016. Easter and Spring are times of renewed energy and hope.


 Pecan, maple and coffee combined to make  a  delicate nut gateaux. The cake has a number of component parts but is not difficult to make. Do read through the recipe first so that you don’t miss buying ingredients or preparing something in advance. Continue reading

Spring Chicken cooked with lemon juice, garlic and olives



Free range chicken ready for spatchcocking and cooking with lemon juice, olives and garlic

Succulent lemony chicken pieces bathed in a rich lemon and garlic sauce. I first ate this dish on holiday in Tuscany about ten years ago. It was cooked for us by the American housekeeper who was a passionate foodie. She was generous in sharing this lovely recipe since when it has become a true family favourite, requested by my daughters when they come home from ‘uni’, and for high days and holidays, spring, summer, winter.  Because of the nature of its ‘spatchcoking‘ we call this dish affectionately ‘Splat Chicken’. I like to serve the chicken cut into pieces, stacked on a warm dish and surrounded by its juice and component parts as part of a casual help-yourself meal served at the table.  Continue reading

Decorative Dyed Easter Eggs

A friend shared this link on facebook and I thought it was such a good idea that I gave it a go.


_MG_6134 (2)

Flower and herb patterned eggs dyed with onion skins, turmeric, red cabbage and beetroot.

You will need:

Fresh Eggs

Herbs, leaves and flowers – I used primroses, dill, cardoon leaves and olive leaves.

stockings or tights and a pair of scissors

4 onions, skins only and 1 tablespoon turmeric powder

4-6 red cabbage leaves and 1 beetroot, chopped

2 pans with lids

For instructions look at the link from Handy’s



Place the flowers, herbs and leaves on the eggs and tightly wrap in the cut stocking. Bury the eggs in the vegetable leaves, cover with water and boil for ten minutes. Remove the pan from the heat and leave in a cool place for 12 hours before removing and unwrapping the eggs.

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